[:en]It is a video that introduces the charm of the city while showing the beautiful scenery of Chippubetsu-cho. You feel like the town ease your mind as time passes so slowly.



It reads “Chippubetsu”. Origin is the Ainu language “chikushibetsu,” which means a river with a passageway. In the Midwest of Hokkaido, at the northern end of the Ishikari Plain, the plains are spreading except that there are hilly areas in the eastern part of the town. In the Meiji era, Tondenhei (military settler who came for the development and security of Hokkaido) and their families opened this town, developing the town as inheriting the strong pioneering spirit. The country scenery spreads in the vast plain, and it is known as the most rice-producing place in Hokkaido.

Access to Chippubetsu-cho

By airplane:
About 1 hour 35 minutes from Haneda Airport to Asahikawa Airport. It is approximately one hour by car from Asahikawa Airport to the center of Chippubetsu-cho.

By train:
About one hour from Sapporo station to Fukagawa station by JR Hokkaido express. About 10 minutes from Fukagawa station to Chippubetsu station by local Rumoi Main Line.

Must-visit spot in Chippubetsu

Chippubetsu Onsen Chipp Yuu and Yu
It is a hot-spring facility inside the roadside station “Kane no naru machi・Chippubetsu.” You can enjoy taking a day trip or staying overnight at the facility. You can enjoy different open-air bathtub such as pottery bath, a cypress bath, etc. Let’s heal the daily fatigue while feeling a refreshing wind blowing through the land of Hokkaido.


Chippubetsu Town Tourist Experience Farm Mee-mee land
It is a ranch aimed at interacting with the sheep. On the vast extent of area, about 12 hectares, there are sheep from all over the world are bred, and you can enjoy the experience of feeding, reservation is necessary for wool processing experience.


Rose garden Chippubetsu
It is a rose garden that opens from the end of June to the beginning of October. Since their opening dates change depends on their blooming situation, please check before visiting. 300 kinds, 3,000 roses are in full glory. The garden is next to Mee-Mee land, so it is recommended to visit together.

Must-eat food in Chippubetsu

Broccoli cuisine
Broccoli is also a specialty of Chippubetsu town. You can enjoy delicious broccoli cuisine at the restaurant in the town. Let’s enjoy broccoli dishes such as “Green Tendon” and “Green Spaghetti Napolitana”

Must-buy souvenirs in Chippubetsu

Akazukin chan
It is a tomato juice made from tomato grows in the town. We harvested ripe red tomatoes in the morning and made them juice. The salt concentration is less than 0.3%, maximize the sweetness of the tomato.


It is a wonderful tourist spot so Hokkaido, where you can feel nature in both food and












秩父別温泉 ちっぷ・ゆう&ゆ



秩父別町観光体験牧場 めぇーめぇーランド