[:en]Shiroshita Karei is marbled flounders which grow in freshwater in the sea of Beppu Bay under the Hiji Castle Ruins. In the Edo Period, Shiroshita Karei was highly-prized as a gift to Shogun Family and has attracted so many people since then.



The best season of Shiroshita Karei is from April to September, especially during May to July is the most delicious season. Why don’t you taste the luxury Shiroshita Karei?

Access to Hiji-machi town

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 30 mins from Haneda airport to Oita airport. About a 30 min bus ride from Oita airport to Hiji bus stop. 10 min bus ride from Hiji bus stop to Hiji Station.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 4hrs 45mins from Tokyo station to Kokura station by JR Tokaido bullet train. About 1hour from Kokura station to Kitsuki Station by JR Kagoshima Main Line. 15 mins from Kitsuki Station to Hiji Station by JR Nippo Main Line.

Hiji-machi, the town of history

Hiji Castle Ruins

Hiji-machi town was flourished as a castle town of Hiji Castle in the Edo Period. Hiji Castle Ruins is currently a must-see spot in the town. The ruins of the castle still have a castle tower, walls and a moat and there is an elementary school inside the site. A walking course along the moat is a popular strolling course.

“Way of Xavier”

Kanagoe Mountain Range which is located in the north of the town is highly recommended. There is a road called “Way of Xavier” where Francisco Xavier walked to meet Sorin Otomo long time ago. It is currently a popular scenic place for visitors.

“nKaite Jinja Shrine”

We can see a part of the modern history in Hiji-machi town as well. The Imperial Navy invented a human torpedo called “Kaiten” at the end of the Pacific War and there used to be a training base of the Kaiten in the town. Nowadays, a full-scale model of the torpedo is displayed in the base remain and there is a shrine called “nKaite Jinja Shrine” enshrining the related people and the victims.

Fresh seafood from Beppu Bay

Hiji-machi town is known as a place where fresh seafood can be eaten. Tourists can observe the spectacular fish auction at morning market of Fukae.

Shiroshita Karei

Other than Shiroshita Karei, there are so man y kinds of great seafood such as Hamo(Pike conger) in Hiji-machi town. Of course Shiroshita Karei is the must-eat, which has delicate taste and texture because of the fresh water in the sea. There are many restaurants where offers a lot of different Karei dishes such as sashimi, deep fried, soy sauce flavored boiled and more.


Why don’t you feel the history of Japan in Hiji-machi town?


Oita Prefecture official tourism information site