[:en]This promotional movie introduces Kunisaki Peninsula Minemichi Long Trail in Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture. Kunisaki Peninsula is known as a birthplace where the culture of Shintoism and Buddhism had been melded and monks of Rokugo-san Temple has walked around the peninsula for discipline which is called “Mineiri” for a long long time.


The course of Kunisaki Peninsula Minemichi Long Trail was made based on the “Mineiri” course.
The trail course is sometimes steep but only people who climb the mountain can see the breathtaking scenery!

Access to Kunisaki City

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 30mins from Haneda airport to Oita airport. About 20 min drive from Oita airport to the center of Kunisaki City.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 4hrs 45mins from Tokyo station to Kokura Station by JR Tokaido bullet train. About 1hr from Kokura station to Kitsuki Station by JR Kagoshima Main Line. About 1 hour bus ride from Kitsuki Station to the center of Kunisaki City.

Many historical places, nature spots in Kunisaki City

There is the great nature in Kunisaki City like Kunisaki Peninsula Minemichi Long Trail as mentioned. Also, golfing and cycling can be other options to enjoy the nature in Kunisaki City. There are some cycling courses for both beginners and experts on coastline of the Kunisaki Peninsula.


There is Kunisaki Golf Park near Gyonyu Dam, where has 2 courses.


Kunisaki City has not only beautiful nature but also historical places like shrines and temples. There is a temple called Monjyusenji Temple where is a birthplace of the words “Sannin yoreba Monjyu no chie” means Two heads are better than one, and has a history of over 1300 years. Also, Nio Gardians statues are famous at Futagoji Temple. If you are interested in ancestor remains, national historical place called Ankoku Village Ruins is the best place to visit, where village ruins from the Yayoi Period to the Tumulus Period can be seen.

Great foodie place, Kunisaki City

There is a local dish called “Oranda” which is a dish with summer vegetable such as eggplants and bitter gourd and is also known as “Koneri” in other regions in Oita Prefecture. Since Kunisaki City faces the sea, seafood is must-eat too. Especially scabbard fish and octopus are local specialty. “Tako-meshi” which is rice cooked with fresh octopus is the most popular octopus dish and there are many other octopus dishes such as octopus curry, fried rice and more. Scabbard fish is very popular as fish can be eaten throughout a year with Sushi, ricebowl, tempura and more!


Why don’t you enjoy the great nature and the historical places in Kunisaki City?


Oita Prefecture official tourism information site