[:en]This is the only fan-shaped locomotive garage exists in Kyushu which is called Old Bungo-Mori Roundhouse in Kusu-machi town, Oita Prefecture. In 2009, it was registered Heritage of Industrial Modernization by Ministry of Economy、Trade and Industry, and was also registered National Tangible Cultural Properties in 2012.


The roundhouse attracts not only locals as the symbol of the town but also fans of railways nationwide.

Access to Kusu-machi town

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 30mins from Haneda airport to Oita airport. About an 1hour bus ride from Oita airport to Yufuin Station Bus Center. About 30mins from Yufuin Station to Bungo-Mori Station by JR Kyudai Main Line.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 5hrs 15mins from Tokyo station to Hakata Station by JR Tokaido bullet train. About 30 min bus ride from Hakata Station to Chikushino bus stop. About 30 min bus ride from Chikushino bus stop to Hita Bus Center. Walk 10 mins from Hita Bus Center to Hita Station. About 45 mins from Hita Station to Bungo-Mori Station by JR Kyudai Main Line.

A town of fairy tale, Kusu-machi town

Kusu-machi town is a birthplace of Takehiko Kurushima who was a children’s literature author known as “the Japanese Hans Christian Andersen” and the town is called “the town of fairy tale”. There are so many fairy tale related paintings, objects and monuments in the town, and the fairy tale related designs are used for some packages of souvenirs. Also, Japan Fairy Tale Festival is held in the town every 5th of May, which excites the whole town.

So many exciting spots with nature where both adults and kids can enjoy

Jion Falls


Mikazuki Falls and Jion Falls are popular scenic spots. In autumn, Tachihata-no-kei is the best place to see the leaves change. It is an absolutely must-see scenery which looks like an art with interesting shaped rocks and the colorful leaves.

Many tasty food in Kusu-machi town

Cowbell Land Kusu

There is a traditional local food called “Kiji-meshi” which is rice cooked with pheasant. Pheasant has lighter taste than chicken and is healthy. In recent years, Bungo Beef is very popular in the town. Bungo Beef dishes can be eaten at Cowbell Land Kusu such as Yakiniku, steak and more! Also, there is accommodations at Cowbell Land Kusu and camping is available too. It’s the best place to visit with family.


Why don’t you taste the local food after seeing National Tangible Cultural Properties that attracts fans of railways?


Oita Prefecture official tourism information site