[:en]Hosenji Onsen which is located besides Machida River which is a tributary river of Chikugo River has a long history since Heian Period. Hosenji Onsen is knowns as hot springs place where fireflies fly since 1991 when the association of bleeding fireflies in Hosenji Onsen set up.



What kind of place is Kokonoe-machi town? There are still many people who don’t know what kind of place Kokonoe-machi town is! We would like to introduce Kokonoe-machi town in an easy -to-understand manner.


Access to Kokonoe-machi town

Arriving by airplane:

Approximately 1h 30mins from Haneda airport to Oita airport. About an 1hour bus ride from Oita airport to Yufuin Station Bus Center. About 20mins from Yufuin Station to Bungo-Nakamura Station by JR Kyudai Main Line.

Arriving by train:

Approximately 5hrs 15mins from Tokyo station to Hakata Station by JR Tokaido bullet train. About 30 min bus ride from Hakata Station to Chikushino bus stop. About 30 min bus ride from Chikushino bus stop to Hita Bus Center. Walk 10 mins from Hita Bus Center to Hita Station. About 1 hour from Hita Station to Bungo-Nakamura Station by JR Kyudai Main Line.


Many activities can be enjoyed in the nature in Kokonoe-machi town

Kyusuikei Gorge is the best place to feel the beauty of the great nature. Especially the season of leaves change in autumn is the most popular to visit. Kokonoe Yume Grand Suspension Bridge can’t be missed when visiting Kokonoe-machi town. It’s across elevation 777 meters above the Kyusuikei Gorge and is the highest suspension bridge in the country. You can see the dynamic view from the brigde with the length is 390 meters long and height is 173 meters high. Also you can see Shindo Falls which is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. “Shindo” means earthquake. It makes a huge shake on the ground.

Another popular waterfalls is Ryumon Falls where people can have fun with natural water slide in summertime.

In wintertime, skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed at Kokonoe Shinrin Koen Ski Resort which is the biggest skiing place in Kyushu Region. Kokonoe-machi town is such a fun place to visit throughout a year. There are many historical hot springs places other than Hosenji Onsen so you can heal the fatigue after the nature activities.


Kokonoe Yume Burger, the local hamburger in Kokonoe-machi town


There is a traditional dish called “keijiru” which is stew with chicken, burdock root, yam cake and more vegetable. It’s been eaten for celebrations and any other happy occasions.

Recently, new local food called “Kokonoe Yume Burger” is getting popular. It’s made with locally produced meat and veggie and every restaurant which would like to serve the burger has to pass the strict check. Each restaurant offers different flavor with different ingredients and tries to make the local products better taste!


Why don’t you visit Kokonoe-machi town to enjoy the nature activities?


Oita Prefecture official tourism information site





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