An island off the island


Enoshima is a smaller island in Kanagawa prefecture, but is still easily reached if staying in Tokyo. Visitors can conveniently disembark at Katase-Enoshima station and be within close walking distance from multiple attractions. The beautiful beach is well-visited during the Summer, and along it you’ll find many shops and stalls, as well as Enoshima Aquarium. If you come for the island itself, simply walk across the bridge headed towards it; the signature Candle – a lighthouse – can be seen atop the tree tops as you approach.

The lighthouse is very futuristic and even lights up in many colours after sunset

Once you have crossed to the island, simply follow the road and it will take you around the island. First you ascend the shopping street – with local souvenirs and foods – and later reach a big, red torii – a Japanese gate. Keep going and you will see the other attractions; temples, Enoshima Iwaya Cave, the lighthouse, and more. Should you get hungry on your way, there are many options for a meal: there’s multiple restaurants, which are situated near the island’s edge, giving their diners a beautiful view of the ocean.

The cave told the story of the island’s origin, and while not being very dark, one part let guests walk with candles adding to the atmosphere

The lighthouse and cave are attractions which require a smaller fee in order to enter, but otherwise the island is quite free to visit.

There were many stray cats on the island, which didn’t mind staying seated as visitors took photos of them

The view from the top of the lighthouse gives you the opportunity for great photos in all directions. It is particularly pleasing on a sunny day, but also very beautiful during sunset or night time. It can be a good idea to time your visit with it ending on top of the Candle, so you can enjoy the sun as it sets. The island can be leisurely explored in some three hours, if you want to see a little bit of everything.

The view from the lighthouse around sunset, where the bridge connecting Enoshima to the mainland can be seen

The island is great for a different experience, but visitors should be aware that the many stairs might not be equally ideal for everybody. There are escalators, which can be used for small fee, but they do not take you all around the island.

Albeit cloudy, the sun still peaked through, revealing the mountains in the distance while standing atop the lighthouse during sunset

Opening hours:

Sea Candle Lighthouse: 9-20

Enoshima Iwaya Cave: 9-18

Though be aware of closure during bad weather or changing opening hours during events.[:]