A little bit of Denmark in Funabashi

This beautiful flower arc was perfect for pictures

I went to Andersen Park in the early Summer of 2017, and while it was a hot day, it was also a very enjoyable day. At the time, I lived in Chiba, about an hour away from the park. I found the park from looking at things to experience in my general vicinity and was immediately interested in this park. It has a sister city bond with the Danish city Odense, in which H. C. Andersen – who the park is named after – lived.

The statue of the author Hans Christian Andersen, as well as information written in Japanese and Danish was a fun sight to see

After arriving by bus and entering, I enjoyed the scenery while walking towards the activity areas. Here I saw many families whose children were bathing in the pool-like areas, keeping cool in the sun. I went with a friend my age, and I’m sure we enjoyed our time just as much as the families did. We had a short break, sitting with a guinea pig in each of our laps, then played around on the part of the playground that was challenging to kids and adults, and otherwise walked around and saw the nature and smaller exhibitions.

Since H. C. Andersen is also well-known for his paper cutting, a smaller exhibition featured different kinds of it; both intricate and simple designs were displayed

Since I am Danish myself, it is always interesting to see something that came from my home in another country. Seeing Danish writing and reading about the relationship between Funabashi and Odense was very entertaining for me. While the park is ideal for family outings, I would definitely go again and recommend friends to take a trip there in the future as well.

The hydrangea was also very beautiful this time of year

If you are interested in visiting the park, check out the website, where you can check admission fees, opening hours, and more.[:]