[:en]The goldfish has long been a standardised pet, and in Japan it’s often seen at festivals where they can be caught as part of the festivities. But the Art Aquarium in Nihonbashi Mitsu Hall offers a different take on the well-known fish. Each year, this exhibition hall offers its guests a fusion between modern art and fish in aquariums. 2018’s exhibition has been inspired by the Edo period, and visitors can enjoy goldfish swimming around in a multitude of stylish tanks. For example, in the beginning of the venue, various kinds of goldfish in smaller, mirrored tanks are set as the ceiling display, inspired by the story about a rich Edo merchant who enjoyed viewing the goldfish from that perspective.


The mirroring effect gave the illusion of there being more than one fish per tank


What brings this Edo exhibition into the 21st-century is particularly its use of different lights: guests can take pictures of the goldfish bathed in their favourite colour. Moreover, projectors gave the walls an extra sense of hipness, as they danced in different patterns and rhythms.


The gold symbol painted on the black walls, lit up by different colours and shapes

This year’s exhibition ends on September 24th, so it is soon be last call to experience it! Tickets are only 1,000 yen for adults, and the exhibit can also be part of a longer evening, as the ‘aquarium’ sells alcohol from 7PM within the venue. That, plus different music events – check out their last event on the 23rd here – will ensure a very unique night out, compared to most other club experiences.


This display was both warming and chilling, as it switched between colours

So, if you do happen to be in the area and want an inspiring experience, then the goldfish exhibit is definitely worth a visit. And if you have come specifically for the exhibit, you can get there directly from Mitsukoshimae Station taking exit A6. The exhibit is on the 4th floor of Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall and luckily very easy to find when you get there.

For a quick overview of information click here, and for the Art Aquarium’s own website – to check out their next events – click here.[:]