[:en]For anyone who would like to take a break from the outside, but doesn’t need a full day experience, the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is a good choice. The museum has 3 floors with ever changing exhibitions that you can choose to enjoy in full all at once, or only buy a ticket for what you find most alluring; the admission price changes depending on exhibition as well as how many each visitor wishes to see.



The museum opened officially in 1990 and was later renovated in 2016; which shows, as both much of the interior looks very new and polished still. Entering the foyer, there is the initial bag check and then the ticket counter. After paying for your ticket, you can store your things in locker rooms or start your tour: elevators are available to transport you to the different floors, but it is just as easy to take the staircase if you wish. With white walls and clean, black carpeting, the building isn’t necessarily one you’d visit to study its architecture, but rather really focus on the art and how it has been exhibited. For visitors whose Japanese isn’t the strongest, each exhibition is also accompanied by English translations, allowing you to enjoy and understand the different pictures and stories behind them.

Depending on how long you wish to ponder over each piece, the three floors can be enjoyed in just about an hour; but there is also a museum shop, a café, and restrooms on each floor, so it is quite possible to spend even more time at the museum, but I would recommend making other plans that day as well.



The museum’s location is conveniently close to Ebisu station; you can exit through the Sky Walk, and arrive at Yebisu Garden Place, which the TOP Museum is part of. Here you’ll find a number of stores and cafés, as well as plenty of outside seating, wherefrom you can enjoy the European inspired architecture. So either before or after visiting the museum, you can leisurely take a walk around this open space and enjoy a different view of Tokyo!

Ebisu is within walking distance from Shibuya, so if you find yourself in the area and not sure of what to do after taking pictures with Hachiko and of Shibuya Crossing, I would highly recommend adding Tokyo Photographic Art Museum to your list of attractions for that day!

Check out their current exhibitions here, and if it peaks your interest how to access the museum here.[:]