INSIDE LOCAL JAPAN, the website that introduces Japan’s great culture and local attractions under the theme “Now that is Japan!” invites you to attend its launch party. We hope you will enjoy the fusion of traditional and modern culture in the world of Oiran.



May 18 (Fri) 19:00-23:00



Advanced ticket: ¥2,000 with 1 drink & 1 sake

At the door: ¥3,000 with 1 drink & 1 sake


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cafe Studio Harajuku cafe-studio.jp



YM Square HARAJUKU 1F, 4-31-10 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001


Yutaka Oyama
Tsugaru-Shamisen performer

Son of MITSUGU OYAMA, the Iemoto of Tsugaru-Shamisen Oyama-ryu. Started to practice the Tsugaru-Shamisen at a very young age under the directions of his grandfather and Iemoto, MITSUOU OYAMA. Won the Grand Prize at the Japan Folk Song Association Tsugaru-Shamisen Contest in 2001 and 2002. As the leading third generation of the Oyama School, Yutaka does not only play folk songs and classical music but also explores genres like POP, JAZZ、Tribal etc. and is actively preforming on TV, radio and live shows. Oyama has been performing in over 25 countries including his stage at the Carnegie Hall in NY in 2011. In addition to recordings with various famous artist, Yutaka has also been involved in TV commercials, video game software and animation music. Yutaka is also active in bands such as “Soothe” “OYAMAxNITTA” “YO” “OYAMA Youth Group” “Oyama Takio TAKiOBAND.”


Masaki Otawa
Wadaiko Perfomer

Masaki Otawa is known as a unique solo performer who specializes in the Japanese traditional drums, Wadaiko. Although Wadaiko performance is commonly done in large groups of drummers, Otawa has established his style and passion exclusively as a solo Wadaiko drummer. To be the pioneer to push the boundaries of Wadaiko tradition, he has a history of collaborating not only with musicians, but, with expansive variety of artists including painters, dancers, actors, and calligraphist. As an artist, his mission is to present Wadaiko from the isolation of Japan to the world, in hopes that someday Wadaiko will become a universally known instrument.
Inspired by the barely audible, but intricate sound, he grew to create an originality that has drawn special attention from the audience. His increasing popularity derives from his determination to emphasize his performance, with not only the hitting of drums, but literally breathing in dynamics into his Wadaiko. This resulting with not only sounds of percussion, but rather a melodious sound that reaches the audience in a new way.


Clara Venice
Pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist

“Canada’s Theremin Star” Clara Venice creates ethereal, dreamy pop with an array of instruments including Theremin, electric violin, guitar, ukulele and glockenspiel. Her unforgettable visual style ranges from 21st century pop princess to Harajuku spacegirl as she draws listeners into her playful and melodic world. Clara’s captivating performances are integrated with a virtual band of hologlamorous personae, and awe-inspiring projection landscapes by artist Diana Lynn VanderMeulen that morph throughout the show.



Cocaze Saito
Tsumami Zaiku Artist

Tsumami zaiku is a Japanese traditional craft and a Cultural Property Designated by Tokyo. It was developed during the Edo Period (1603-1868) as a way to enhance the beauty of kimono with hair ornaments that represented the traditional Japanese themes of natural seasonal beauty.
Tsumami Zaiku literally means “pinching craftsmanship” at which numerous tiny pieces of square cloth are folded and intricately bonded to a base with glue and attached to a hair comb/clip or other fastening objects.
Cocaze Saito, Tsumami Zaiku artist of LITTLE TSUMAMI, has been attracted to this Japanese traditional craft as it beautifully depicts beautiful things from nature. She expands her creations to accessories for men, interior items and contemporary art, while also passing on this tradition as an instructor.




DJ OCHAKZUKE is a DJ entertainment group established in 2009. The girls attracted much attention from many quarters, throwing regular “Ochazuke night” parties at the defunct club Le Baron de Paris. Since each member came from various backgrounds such as DJ, singer, artist, dancer etc. their activities became rather irregular and unstable. In 2016, however, DJ OCHAZUKE made their official start collaborating with BMW, GINZA 6 opening reception party as well as recently playing at the Rakuten Barcelona Partnership party making the room alive night after night.


「これぞニッポン!」をテーマに、日本の素晴らしい文化や各地の魅力を伝える情報メディア、INSIDE LOCAL JAPANが初めてのパーティを実施します。






前売り券: ¥2,000 with 1 drink & 1 sake

当日券:  ¥3,000 with 1 drink & 1 sake




cafe Studio原宿 cafe-studio.jp



〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-31-10  YM Square HARAJUKU 1F



2001、 2002 年( 財) 日本民謡協会津軽三味線コンクールで優秀賞を連続受賞。
ジャンルにとらわれず、TV、ラジオ、ライブなどで活躍している。海外公演においては2011年NY、Carnegie Hall公演をはじめこれまで25カ国以上で公演。多数有名アーティストのレコーディングや共演、ゲーム、アニメ音楽等にも多数参加。


大多和 正樹




21世紀のポッププリンセスとも言える原宿系ファッションで独自の センスを持つ彼女のパフォーマンスは映像(ビデオジョッキー)と音楽を組み合わせた唯一無二のものである。




自身のブランド、LITTLE TSUMAMIでは古くからある”美しいものを美しく表現できる素晴らしい日本の技術”を活かした、女性だけでなく男性も楽しめる装飾品、インテリア、現代アート、そして技術指導を手がけている。つまみ細工の持つ多くの可能性を多方面へ活かし、国内外へ更に広めていきたいと考えている。



2009年に結成されたDJエンタテインメント集団。今はなきLe Baron de Paris にて「Ochazuke night」なるレギュラーパーティーを開催し、多方面から注目を集めるも、DJやシンガー、アーティスト、ダンサーなど様々なバックボーンを持つメンバー構成の為、活動はかなり不定期&流動的であった。しかし2016年から本格始動を開始し、BMW、銀座SIXオープニングレセプションパーティー、最近ではRakuten FCバルセロナのパートナーシップパーティーなど、夜な夜なお座敷に華を添えている。